Samsung Floor standing Inverter 28000btu

Category: Residential
Manufacturer: Samsung
Price: R41 500.00

Price includes [unit + back to back installation]

Front-facing, independent triple fans provide an intelligent balance of power and control. They provide optimum cooling and energy efficiency with a maximum cooling speed that’s significantly higher than standard air conditioners.

  • 8 individual tornado fans that generate cyclone winds.

The tornado fan was based on the aerodynamic design of a jet engine to generate a more powerful, efficient wind.

  • A High Pass Whirlwind fan that rapidly circulates air

By adding 3 individual fans to the High Pass Cooling System, the air is circulated further, wider and faster

  • High Performance Smart Heat Exchanger

Rapidly cools the air by transferring a large amount of refrigerant in one go. This is certified as a new technology.

CAPACITY 28000btu/hr
Area covered up to 56m2
Guarantee:  5yrs[compressor]; 2yrs[unit]

Turbo Jet Cooling - 3 whirlwind fans

Three powerful, spiral airflows, created by the jet engine mechanism, cool the entire house more quickly and efficiently, making your home a cool and comfortable place in the blink of an eye.


Turbo Jet Cooling- 7 Types airflow

You can enjoy different types of cooling to suit various activities, with three separate fans that can be operated independently or together. So you can enjoy maximum cooling efficiency with minimum energy usage.


Energy saving-Smart Inverter Compressor

The Smart Inverter Compressor adjusts its speed in response to the surrounding temperature. By running only at the speed needed, energy wastage is kept to a minimum, which reduces your energy. Moreover, three separate fans can be operated situationally independently. The less fans you use, the less electric charge bill you get.




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